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May 24, 2011

Sonic Adventure Songs With Attitude - Vocal Mini-Album

Featuring "Open Your Heart," "It Doesn't Matter," "Believe In Myself," and all of the notable vocal themes from Sonic Adventure.

Download - [MF] [RS] [4S] [MEGA]


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU... I've been looking for these songs in High Quality FOREVER. I realize this is from a year ago, but I wanted to post and THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Dude You Rock! Been looking for this ost for a while. Marlon Saunders is a beast on that Knuckles song!

Jacob Meeler said...

Is this legal? because i don't want to get convicted of any crime. Just asking

「SHADOW」 said...

@Jacob Meeler

Almost all of the downloads here are not legal. Hence, should you want to download any of the soundtracks for your own PRIVATE use and listening, then do so at your own risk.

Alternatively, legal downloads are available through the given links to iTunes.

St. Noof said...

You are truly a great Sonic music collector. Thank you for providing easy access to these soundtracks!

However, it seems as though some of these links are broken. I cannot get to the download pages anymore, and when I click the links, it just takes me back to the same page in a new tab.

「SHADOW」 said...

@St. Noof

You're welcome.

Unfortunately, the links are not available at this time. There is a banner on the top of each page on this website that warns so. Even though the links can be clicked, they don't lead anywhere. Until I re-upload the soundtracks and set each link, sorry for the inconvenience.

サユリ said...

Thank you so so much! <3