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June 20, 2011

More About The CPU Control Hack for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Recently, in my primary YouTube channel, I showcased a hack for Super Smash Bros. Brawl in which CPUs successfully tackle All-Star Mode on Hard difficulty. There is no user input whatsoever except for pressing Start as soon as the CPUs complete a stage so that they could proceed to the next stage in All-Star Mode.

For those who are curious about the hack, I intend to tell more about it in detail under the video's description in detail, but YouTube prevented me from composing detailed descriptions. Below is detailed information about the hack - an extended version of the video's description.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Hacks - CPUs Tackle All-Star Mode

Kirby and Pikachu tackle All-Star Mode on Hard Difficulty.

Here is a rather interesting, but fairly old, hack for Super Smash Bros. Brawl via Gecko. This hack has the CPU control what is normally under the control of human players. In this case, in All-Star Mode, human players normally battle their way to the end, but with this hack implemented, the CPU battles its way to the end. In other words, this hack is for those who are lazy to complete All-Star Mode with all characters. However, a little user input is required. The CPU cannot proceed to the next stage without you pressing Start, the + button, or the 2 button to go to the next stage once they completed the current stage.

The CPU has a small perk when tackling All-Star Mode. They recover to full health (0%) after completing a stage and proceeding to the next stage.

However, there are some downsides. If the CPU character (if only one CPU character is tackling All-Star Mode alone) or both CPU characters (in cooperative All-Star Mode) die in a stage, the game will not end the battle ("Game!" will not appear) and you will not proceed to the "Continue?" screen, for the game counts the CPU players as part of the CPU opponents in All-Star Mode. In that case, you must reset back to the character select screen and restart the journey again. If you want the CPU to proceed flawlessly, let them play All-Star Mode in Easy or Normal difficulty. Hard difficulty is enough for the faster, top-tier characters that are especially quick, crazy, notorious, and often difficult to fight against when controlled by the CPU at Level 9, such as Fox, Marth, and, as shown in this video, Kirby and Pikachu. (You can also let the CPU tackle Very Hard or Intense difficulty if you are curious to see if they can make it. When I experimented, they almost finished All-Star Mode in Very Hard difficulty, but only almost two-thirds of the way in Intense difficulty.)

Playing alongside the CPU in All-Star Mode is tough, because the CPU really wants to proceed to the next stage, not giving you enough time to recover the damage your character inflicted with a Heart Container in the Rest Area. If you are planning to do this, you might as well let your CPU partner do almost all of the work and stay on the sidelines, brawling a little (unless your partner dies).

Also, since the game counts your CPU partner as a CPU opponent, if your character dies, the match will end, and you will find yourself at the "Continue?" screen.

This hack also works and is effective with some other modes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

In Subspace Emissary, for example, the CPU can be your partner (Player 2) if you wish to play cooperatively. The main player (Player 1) and the partner player can be controlled by the CPU, but the hack is not really effective. The CPU that controls the main player (Player 1) will only will aimlessly jump and run around the level looking for and attacking the enemies that appear in the level. It does not really know how to proceed through the level, but it can sometimes open doors to proceed through the level, especially if there are enemies beside the door. Also, it can throw trophy stands, sometimes pick up trophies, and sometimes open blue or yellow boxes. In short, the CPU is programmed to combat regular enemies in SSE and other characters. It is not programmed, however, to combat bosses, such as Tabuu.

In Classic Mode, the game counts the CPU as a CPU opponent. Without the presence of a human player, matches end immediately after they begin, and stages skip quickly until the final battle with Master Hand, where the CPU has no idea what to do, for it is not programmed to fight bosses.

As mentioned already, since the CPU does not know how to combat bosses, the hack is not effective in Boss Battles. The CPU does not know how to send Sandbag flying in Home-Run Contest and does not know how to break the targets in Target Test. (It only humorously hunts for items in Target Test, if there are items present). Please note that the game can crash if you let the CPU play Home-Run Contest.

The CPU can tackle Multi-Man Brawl. However, like All-Star Mode, the CPU, counted by the game as CPU opponents along with the Alloys and the other CPU-controlled characters that fight along the Alloys. If one (if solo) or both (if cooperative) CPU characters die, the match will not end ("Game!" or "Failure" will not appear), and you must reset back to the character select screen. Scores will only be recorded if a human player is present. Also, please note that the game can crash once the CPU character or characters die or succeed, or you reset back to the character select screen.

The hack can be used in Event Matches, but like All-Star Mode, Classic Mode, and Multi-Man Brawl, the game counts the CPU players as one of the CPU opponents. Unless a human player is present, matches cannot be played. That also means the hack can only be used for the cooperative Event Matches.

Do not use the hack in Training Mode. If you accidentally start a practice match in Training Mode with the hack implemented, you will not be able to exit the match, and therefore, you will have to reset the console.

As with all other hacks for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, NEVER USE IT ON ONLINE MATCHES. IT'S CHEATING, AND YOU MIGHT BE BANNED. Experimenting with hacks like this with friends online may be okay, but don't implement them just in case.

Here are the codes of the hacks implemented in this video:
(The codes are made by user Phantom Wings, unless otherwise noted.)

Control Modifier [P1]
4A000000 90180FB4
10000005 000000XX
E0000000 80008000

Control Modifier [P2]
4A000000 90181010
10000005 000000XX
E0000000 80008000

XX is the portion of the code that can be modified. Change XX to the following inputs to produce the intended effect:

00 Player
01 CPU
03 None

In this video, XX is 01, for CPU control, for all codes.

Color Modifier [P1]
4A000000 90180F20
1000009D 000000XX
E0000000 80008000

Color Modifier [P2]
4A000000 90180F7C
1000009D 000000XX
E0000000 80008000

Color Modifier [P3]
4A000000 90180FD8
1000009D 000000XX
E0000000 80008000

Color Modifier [P4]
4A000000 90181034
1000009D 000000XX
E0000000 80008000

Change XX to the following inputs to produce the intended effect:

00-05 Normal Colors
06-09, 0A, 0B Wario's Extra Colors
0C Emerald

(The "Emerald" color or costume is the one used by the CPU-controlled characters you face in The Great Maze in Subspace Emissary.)

The numbers indicate how many times you click on the character window (on the character select screen) or press X on the Nintendo Gamecube controller to get the desired costume or color of the character. For example, for the first costume or color of the character that appears when you click once on the character window or press X once (usually red), input 01.

In this video, XX is 00 - the default costume or color - for all codes.

Default CPU Level Modifier [Igglyboo]
C2693A70 00000002
3880000X 909E01D4
60000000 00000000

Change X to any of the following inputs to produce the intended effect:

0 Level 1
1 Level 2
2 Level 3
3 Level 4
4 Level 5
5 Level 6
6 Level 7
7 Level 8
8 Level 9

By default (without modification), the CPU is at Level 3.
In this video, X is 8 - Level 9.

No Tags [Phantom Wings]
C20E5190 00000002
38800000 90830354
60000000 00000000

Other video examples of this hack (by YouTube user PsychicStar):

More codes for hacks can be found here:

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