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April 20, 2013

Song of the Week - April 20, 2013

Song: "斑 -まだら-" ("Madara")
Artist: Sadie
Album: 双刻の艶 (Soukoku no Tsuya) (2013)


Sadie (pronounced "sah-dee" instead of "say-dee") is a Japanese alternative metal band of the visual kei subgenre and style from Osaka. Formed in 2005, the band consists of Mao (真緒) on vocals, Mizuki (美月) on lead guitar, Tsurugi (剣) on rhythm guitar, Aki (亜季) on bass, and Kei (景) on drums. They have released four studio albums - the first one being 2008's Undead 13+2 and the most recent one being 2012's The Black Diamonds - and a plethora of mini-albums, extended plays, and singles.

The band's style of music, and often, appearance, bear a close similarity with that of my most favorite Japanese bands so far, Dir En Grey, making the band also one of my favorite Japanese bands. Like Dir En Grey's songs, Sadie's songs are usually dark. However, unlike Dir En Grey's songs, which are often complex in structure and vary in rhythm and style from song to song, most of Sadie's songs are usually very rhythmic, straightforward, and often catchy.

Sadie's latest release, released on March 27, is a three-song maxi-single entitled 双刻の艶 (Soukoku no Tsuya). "斑 -まだら" ("Madara") is the first song from the single.

"Madara" starts out with a brief piano introduction and proceeds slowly, steadily building energy beginning with Mao's soft, high vocals and the first guitar riffs by Mizuki, Tsurugi, and Aki about thirty seconds into the song. Mao then demonstrates his low and high notes and his carefully polished death growls shortly before the chorus, which comes a little after two minutes into song. Following the brief chorus, the song suddenly slows down as the piano from the beginning of the song returns. However, Mao revives the energy from earlier with death growls that accompany the guitar and drum work by the rest of the band before proceeding with the rest song in the same way as he did in the first half of the song. Finally, Mao finishes his part by unleashing a final series of death growls before the same, aforementioned piano drops the overall energy of the song once more, and the song ends.

Overall, "Madara" is another great composition by Sadie, for it displays the dark, alternative metal style of music that the band is well-known for.

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