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April 9, 2013

Updates: April 2013

Hello, everyone.

April is another busy month for me, so again, don't expect any significant activity on YouTube from me. For blackblur7, with all in-game music from Sonic the Fighters posted, I will return to Sonic Unleashed and post the in-game music that I haven't posted initially, which include the music played in the boss battles, Gaia Gate, hub continents, Tornado Defense segments, and the "Werehog Battle Theme." For blackblurX, I don't have anything planned.

Also, I hope some of you are aware that I take soundtrack music requests - of course, given that I have the particular soundtrack album or the particular song. Any song from almost all of the soundtrack albums of the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games is guaranteed. On second thought, I don't think I clearly mentioned this before...

In [very] late news, I thank everyone for garnering more than 10,000 subscribers for blackblur7. Thanks for the continued support as I do my best to maintain this as a source for music from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and a few others.

Outside of YouTube, once again, I'll be checking and updating the music files and their accompanying download links of all of the soundtrack albums I have posted here. A few of you reported to me about some errors and mistakes in the metadata of some of the music files in some of the soundtrack albums, so I will get to work in correcting all of them carefully and posting all of the soundtrack albums again as soon as possible. Therefore, some download links to the soundtrack albums will not be able starting around this time. I will put up a banner displaying which soundtrack albums will not be available at the time. Thank you all for the patience and cooperation.

Also, I will start posting a series of weekly blog entries, simply titled "Song of the Week," of which I share and introduce some of my favorite songs in my ever-expanding music library. Often, I might post about some of my favorite music albums and musicians, such as when I posted about Circle of Dust's debut album and second album, Brainchild.

That is all for now, I think.

See you all again soon.

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