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May 27, 2013

Song of the Week - May 27, 2013

Song: "Blue Monday"
Artist: Orgy
Album: Candyass (1998)

How does it feel
To treat me like you do
When you've laid your hands upon me
And told me who you are

This provocatively-named alternative metal band, formed in 1994, originally consisted of vocalist Jay Gordon, guitarists Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh (who are now best known as the leading members of the alternative rock and electronic rock band Julien-K), bassist Paige Haley, and drummer Bobby Hewitt. (Following a hiatus in 2005, because of arguments between Gordon and the rest of the band members, the band reformed in 2011 with Gordon retaining his role as vocalist, guitarists Carlton Bost and Ashburn Miller, bassist Nic Speck, and drummer Bobby Amaro.) With artists of the new wave genre of music such as Depeche Mode and New Order as some of their influences, the fact that their rock cover of New Order's "Blue Monday" brought them to fame and the release of three studio albums as of now is probably no surprise. Besides, "Blue Monday" is one of New Order's most popular songs.

Of course, not all of us listen or really enjoy the simple, synthesizer-heavy music that characterized the new wave genre of music and 80's pop and rock music in general. Thankfully, Orgy came and presented their interpretation of New Order's lengthy classic. One familiar with with the original will easily recognize the song's opening of drums to set the song. Of course, in place of the synthesizers present in the original are guitars. Following the brief introduction, however, instead of immediately going to the first verse as it is in the original, Shuck, Derakh, and Haley blast away for a good period of headbanging. The rest of the song, in short, being a cover song, simply follows the original, but with more rock. Probably the best and simplest way to summarize Orgy's version of "Blue Monday" is to grab "Blue Monday," remove some of the new wave elements, add the guitars, and from there, make it harder and heavier.

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Anonymous said...

I should mention that the guitarists Ryan and Amir are also the creators of Julien-k which of course made This Machine and Waking Up.