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June 27, 2013

Song of the Week - June 27, 2013

Song: "Ghosts (feat. Tom Salta)"
Artist: Celldweller
Album: Celldweller (10 Year Anniversary Edition) (2013)

Recreate the fear
To think it's only in their minds
Will make them weaker

Celldweller is a Detroit-based electronic, industrial, and metal music project consisting solely of multi-instrumentalist Klayton. It formed following the disbandment and dissolution of Klayton's previous metal and industrial projects, notably Circle of Dust and Argyle Park. Continuing the dark and aggressive style of music that Klayton produced for the last works of Circle of Dust, Celldweller was initially centered with the industrial metal genre. Following the release of the debut Celldweller album in 2003, Klayton steadily progressed his project towards elements of various genres of electronic music, notably drum and bass and more recently, dubstep. Despite this approach, Klayton still retains the enigmatic and heavy elements of industrial and metal music that he had grown with and used in his earliest works as a musician.

"Ghosts," which features electronic musician and soundtrack composer Tom Salta, who is also known as Atlas Plug, is the first track of the second disc of the two-disc deluxe edition of the tenth anniversary edition of Celldweller's debut album. "Ghosts" is one of Celldweller's recent songs that showcases "classic," industrial metal Celldweller. To emphasize the song's overall gloominess and the theme of ghosts, as expressed by the title and the lyrics, Salta inserts dark ambient noises in the beginning of the song to create the song's ghostly tone and includes frequent uses of strings and violins for a more appropriate, orchestral feel. Overall, "Ghosts" is a nod to Celldweller fans who enjoy more of Celldweller's industrial and metal elements, and with Salta's creative, musical genius involved, a song to help one's mind wander in places probably unexplored.

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