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July 13, 2013

Song of the Week - July 13, 2013

Song: "Cruel Daze of Summer"
Artist: Julien-K
Album: We're Here With You (2012)

Don’t tell me what you’re running from
Or what you’ve done
These cruel days of summer burn so long
The vows we made are under attack
I feel myself pushing back, back, back
Don’t tell me what you’re running from
Or what you’ve done

Julien-K is an American electronic rock band from Long Beach, California that currently consists of ex-Orgy guitarists Ryan Shuck on guitar and vocals and Amir Derakh on guitar and synthesizers, bassist and keyboard player Anthony "Fu" Valcic, and drummer Frank Zummo. Fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games may recognize this band as the one behind "This Machine," the theme song of Team Dark in Sonic Heroes, and "Waking Up," one of the theme songs of Shadow the Hedgehog. Initially a side project of Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh while the two were part of Orgy, the band became their main project following the recent disbandment of the original lineup of Orgy. Julien-K's sound was initially dark, but beginning with their most recent album, We're Here With You, it is more upbeat, closely reflecting the band's influences of 80's new wave music.

"Cruel Daze of Summer," the third track and second single of We're Here With You, is, to be brief, like most of the album, upbeat, rhythmic, and simple. With Shuck's fairly polished vocals and the careful balance of electronic and rock elements like most of Julien-K's songs, it is a relatively fun song to listen to.

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