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July 21, 2013

Song of the Week - July 21, 2013

Song: "Omen"
Artist: The Prodigy
Album: Invaders Must Die (2009)

The writings on the wall
It won't go away
It's an omen
You just run on automation

The Prodigy is a world-renowned British electronic dance music group from Braintree, Essex consisting of founder, keyboarder, synthesizer, and programmer Liam Howlett, and vocalists Keith Flint and Keith Palmer, who is best known as "Maxim Reality" or just "Maxim." Formed in 1990, The Prodigy is well-known as one of the pioneers of the big beat subgenre of electronic music, which is categorized by heavy, breaking beats with synthesizer loops and the inclusion of elements of rock and punk music, among other sound effects and defining elements. Some of their widely-recognized songs include "Breathe," "Firestarter," "Spitfire," and "You'll Be Under My Wheels."

Likewise, the Kerrang! Award-winning "Omen," which is the second track of The Prodigy's most recently-released album, Invaders Must Die, is just as popular. With a catchy, synthesizer melody, simple, memorizable lyrics, and a rocking beat, like most of The Prodigy's most popular songs, it is a song that is relatively really easy to find dancing to and a song to help pump some adrenaline into one's system. Let's not forget to note the xylophone melody that plays in the middle and at the end of the song that presents the song's easily-recognizable main idea of horror movie themes, hence the song's title, "Omen."

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