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July 28, 2013

Song of the Week - July 28, 2013

Song: "Omen"
Artist: Crossfaith
Album: The Dream, The Space (2011)

The writings on the wall
It won't go away
It's an omen
You just run on automation

Yes. Apparently, this week's song of the week is also last week's song of the week.

Crossfaith is a Japanese metalcore band from Osaka. It consists of Kenta Koie on vocals, Terufumi Tamano on keyboards and programming, Kasuki Takemura on guitar, Hiroki Ikegawa on bass, and Tatsuya Amano on drums. Although a metalcore band, their music consists of elements from electronic music. After forming in 2006, they released their first studio album, The Artificial Theory For The Dramatic Beauty, in 2009. Following touring with other metalcore and rock bands like Hatebreed and Machine Head, in 2011, Tragic Hero Records, a North Carolina-based, rock and metal-focused record label, signed the band and helped them release their second studio album, The Dream, The Space in the United States to an ever-growing international fanbase. Following the release of their well-received second extended play, Zion, in the following year, Crossfaith participated in various tours, which included the 2012 Vans Warped Tour in London and the 2013 Soundwave music festival in Australia. This September, the band will release their third studio album, Apocalyze.

"Omen," originally performed by the world-renowned British electronic music group The Prodigy, is a bonus cover song in Crossfaith's second studio album, The Dream, The Space. It possesses the same melody and rhythm as the original song. Of course, the obvious difference in Crossfaith's cover version of the song, as expected, is Koie's growls and the heavy guitar riffs. Also, Crossfaith's version briefly diverts from the original song with Tamano's inclusion of a brief dubstep, synthesizer-guided melody almost halfway into the song before returning to the main melody. In short, Crossfaith's version of The Prodigy's popular hit is a much heavier version of "Omen."

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