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August 26, 2013

Song of the Week - August 26, 2013

Song: "Letting Go"
Artists: BT, Fractal, and JES
Album: A Song Across Wires (2013)

Everything that you got
Feeds your fire
And I don’t know how you do it
And you know you’re always gonna be the same
But you can’t see it and I, I, I can’t control it

BT, whose full name is Brian Transeau, is a Grammy Award-nominated American musician who is well-known for his creative work in the electronic dance music scene and is often considered as a pioneer of trance music. He holds a Guinness World Record for the most vocal edits in a single recording with "Somnambulist (Simply Being Loved)," which has 6,178 vocal edits. With the recent release of A Song Across Wires, he has released nine studio albums, beginning with 1995's Ima.

The second track in his latest studio album, "Letting Go," is a collaboration with fellow electronic musician Fractal and longtime guest vocalist JES. Although BT has ventured through other genres of music with his expertise in electronic dance music, notably alternative metal, hip hop, and pop, longtime fans of BT will find this song very unexpected; this is a dubstep song. The song starts in BT's recognizable style with JES showing her great vocal work. Almost two minutes into the song, when JES sings the chorus from which the song's title is derived, and the melody builds to what might be a relatively brief dance groove, the song suddenly drops and the familiar two-step tempo comes out. Luckily for those like me who are not really fans of the relatively hyped electronic music subgenre called dubstep, this is not a dubstep song that emphasizes the use of the wobble bass ("wub wub"). The beat that powers the two-step tempo is quite heavy enough as BT twists his six-minute dubstep journey with Fractal and JES into his own style with his use of his patented stutter edit, among other elements, although the result seems somewhat messy in some areas. The melody rebuilds with JES's vocals again shortly after and unleashes the familiar two-step beat once more before the song ends in a calm note.

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