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August 5, 2013

Song of the Week - August 5, 2013

Song: "Set Me On Fire"
Artist: Pendulum
Album: Immersion (2010)

While I met some boy
While cross the Rivanna, Quasimana
Rain came fisted and bright
It must be Alta Vada, tell 'em again

Pendulum is an Australian-British electronic rock and drum and bass group from Perth. The band currently consists of Rob Swire on vocals and synthesizers, bass guitarist and DJ Gareth McGrillen, DJ Paul "El Hornet" Harding, Peredur ap Gwynedd on guitar, KJ Sawka on drums, and MC Bent Mount, who is best known as MC Verse. Since their formation in 2002, they have released three studio albums: Hold Your Colour in 2005, In Silico in 2008, and Immersion in 2010. Although their musical style at first was pure drum and bass, they eventually included elements of rock and metal music, since Swire and McGrillen were part of a metal band prior to the formation of Pendulum. Currently, following the release of Immersion, Pendulum is on hiatus, since Swire and McGrillen decided to form Knife Party, their house music-focused side project. However, the remaining members still perform DJ sets under the Pendulum name.

From Immersion, "Set Me On Fire" is unlike most of Pendulum's other songs such that it is a dubstep song. However, compared to today's dubstep songs, which are largely performed by the likes of Skrillex and emphasize frequent use of the wobble bass, "Set Me On Fire" is more or less akin to "classical," more easygoing dubstep. The song begins with a moderately-paced introduction backed by female vocals before carefully building up and dropping to the familiar, two-step beat. From there, the overall melody remains the same until three minutes into the song, when the melody briefly slows before returning to the original tempo. An aspect to note in this dubstep song is the inclusion of reggae vocals during the song, which, very likely, is Pendulum's nod of acknowledgement to dubstep's origins in reggae music. Although "Set Me On Fire" presents Pendulum's relatively sudden diversion from drum and bass to dubstep, the overall sound, as fans and listeners of Pendulum are concerned, is still distinctly Pendulum's.

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