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September 27, 2013

Sonic Dash Global Challenge - Unlock Blaze!

Sonic Dash

SEGA and Hardlight, the developer of Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump, started the second global challenge for Sonic Dash players. The challenge is straightforward: aim for the highest score possible. Like the first global challenge, four stages, each with an in-game prize, divide the challenge. The grand prize for completing the challenge is the ability to play for free as another notable character of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Blaze the Cat.

Of course, as this is a global challenge, successfully completing each of the challenges four stages requires both an individual and a worldwide community effort. Unlike the first and previous challenge, of which the most hardcore of players very likely contributed most to the challenge's successful completion, to advance to each stage of this challenge, both individual players and the worldwide community must aim and accumulate the highest scores possible. Once both the individual players and the worldwide community attain a set total score for a particular stage, they can advance to the next stage of the challenge. In the game's global challenge section, players can track progress; the left bar indicates the player's individual progress while the right bar indicates the worldwide community's progress. Again, both bars must be filled in order to progress to the next stage!

As of now, players have only about one week to complete the challenge! Time is running quickly, so start dashing!

Click here for official details.

Images courtesy of SEGA and Hardlight.

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