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October 18, 2013

Song of the Week: October 18, 2013

Song: "Final Destination"
Artist: Coldrain
Album: Final Destination (2009)

I can't look back, not anymore
I've given up too much to throw this away now
I can't look back, not anymore
'Cause I know now I'm heading to my final destination

And after a month, "song of the week" returns.

Coldrain is a Japanese rock and alternative metal band from Nagoya. It consists of vocalist Masato, who is Japanese-American, guitarists Y.K.C. (Yokochi) and Sugi, bassist RxYxO (Ryo), and drummer Katsuma. Coldrain, who formed in 2007, started as a local band that performed in their hometown of Nagoya. From their hometown, despite that all of their songs are entirely in English, they gradually became popular. One year later, in 2008, VAP, a major music label in Japan, offered a major contract to the band, and the band signed it. From that point, Coldrain released two singles, two extended plays, and three studio albums. Their most recent release was The Revelation in 2013; David Bendeth, a multi-platinum award-winning record producer who was also behind the albums of notable bands and artists such as Breaking Benjamin, In Flames, Papa Roach, and Paramore, directed the album. Also, Coldrain had several tours throughout their country; their most notable one included their participation in Summer Sonic, a major rock music festival in Japan, in 2009.

According to JaME World, Coldrain's musical and lyrical style as a rock and alternative metal band is often compared to those of My Chemical Romance. Their songs range from simple, melodic rock songs to heavier, guitar-shredding songs with screams as reminiscent to songs of the post-hardcore and metalcore subgenres. Also, with all of their songs being entirely in English and the band itself sounding like its counterparts in the west, Western audiences might find the fact that Coldrain is from Japan to be quite surprising.

The first song from Coldrain's first album, Final Destination, has the same name as the album. Albums often start with the best-sounding song or one the album's best-sounding songs, and following that idea, "Final Destination" is clearly one of Coldrain's hit songs. After all, the album is named after the song. "Final Destination" definitely shows Coldrain's potential as a rock and alternative metal band. It features a good mix of melody and heavy beats from the guitars and drums, making the song comparable to similar songs of the band's Western counterparts. Masato's vocals, especially his screams, are also just as comparable. The song's lyrical theme of moving forward can be also something to note. In short, "Final Destination" shows that Coldrain is on the same level as My Chemical Romance and other similar rock bands in regards to musical and lyrical style. However and unfortunately, Coldrain's reach still remains quite limited to only their home country of Japan.

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