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October 1, 2013

Updates: October 2013

Hi, everyone.

The tenth month of the year finally arrives, and it does so with a bang. Further details that briefly elaborate that will come separately.

Here, on the contrary, October will not be a very productive month. As I become busier with my own important activities - in other words, classes, projects, and assignments - don't expect much or even anything from both BLACKBLUR7 and BLACKBLURX, unless whatever might happen otherwise.

However, after considering for a long time the fact that my first YouTube Channel (under the BLACKBLUR7 handle) is more of a channel for music and soundtracks of video games than a channel for videos of video games (as in gameplay videos), on October 3, I will open a new YouTube Channel under the BLACKBLUR7X handle. As I implied from that statement, BLACKBLUR7X will be solely dedicated to gameplay videos. Of course, that does not mean I will stop posting gameplay videos on BLACKBLUR7. To define what BLACKBLUR7X will feature in another way, the new channel will contain gameplay videos and "let's plays" that are not necessarily of or related to the Sonic the Hedgehog series as BLACKBLUR7 is mostly.

While at least nothing will come from BLACKBLUR7 and BLACKBLURX, as soon as I open BLACKBLUR7X, I will post gameplay videos of the hit Nintendo GameCube game Mario Power Tennis. I have recorded the videos a long time ago, but I have yet to post them anywhere. Please check them out and briefly enjoy the year 2004 as soon as (after the channel is opened) they are posted.

And lastly, about those soundtracks and the links that have to be updated... I have done a few during last month, but I have to yet to upload them. Very likely, given how busy I am, I will not be doing that during this month, but in case I do, look out for the big banner at the top of the site that displays which soundtracks are not available to download.

That is all.


P.S. What happened to the current Sonic Dash Global Challenge?

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