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November 3, 2013

Sonic Dash Global Challenge - Sonic Lost World Card Collection

The third Sonic Dash global challenge is now ongoing. In light of Sonic Lost World, the third global challenge involves the very simple task of collecting as many cards that showcase Sonic the Hedgehog's newest foes, the Deadly Six, while dashing. Of course, that task is not simple enough given the obstacles and Eggman's robots that continually obstruct the path, Zazz's frequent harassment, and of course, time. Again, four stages divide the challenge. By collecting enough cards to advance through each stage, players will receive the following prizes: a ring streak bonus, a golden badnik bonus, several revive tokens, and the grand prize of Sonic Lost World wallpapers. Like the previous global challenge, both individual players and the worldwide community must collect as many cards as possible. No player will advance through each stage without collecting a set number of cards himself or herself and all players in the world also collecting a set number of cards that is separate from each player's requirement. Players can simply track the progress of the challenge by accessing the global challenge section in-game.

From the time of this post, players have only a week to complete the challenge. If you want your share of these Sonic Lost World wallpapers, then you must start dashing!

Also, if, by any chance, you don't know the Deadly Six, then please briefly watch the following video.

Video, images, and games courtesy of SEGA, Sonic Team, and Hardlight.

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