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February 27, 2014

Sonic Dash Global Challenge - Rouge Unlocked!

Congratulations, Sonic Dash players!

You can now play as Rouge the Bat!

The fifth Sonic Dash global challenge was a success and quite done in record time. If you did not do your share of the challenge, then, at the time of this post, four days remain for you to get the opportunity.

Sonic Dash is available for free on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Image and game courtesy of SEGA, Sonic Team, and Hardlight.

February 24, 2014

Sonic Dash Global Challenge - Unlock Rouge!

Here we go again.

The fifth Sonic Dash global challenge is already underway. The challenge is practically the same by design: progress through four stages of prizes by earning as many points as possible individually and as a community. This challenge's ultimate prize is none other than Rouge the Bat.

Players have one week to complete the challenge from the time of this post.

Additionally, in this latest update, players will also have to deal with a very familiar foe...

Can you help Sonic and his friends defeat Baldy McNosehair?

Sonic Dash is available for free on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Images and game courtesy of SEGA, Sonic Team, and Hardlight.

February 20, 2014

"Who's That Character?" - February 2014 - Answer

Which character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series is this?

This is...

...Amy Rose.

Like last months' entry with Vector and Setsubun (節分), this month's entry features Amy prepared for Hinamatsuri (雛祭り), another traditional and notable national festival day in Japan, which will be on March 3. Hinamatsuri, hence its name, is particularly known for its widespread and traditional display of ornamental dolls, or hina (雛). The ornamental dolls, which depict the Emperor, the Empress, and other royal attendants in traditional court dresses, are placed on red-carpeted, descending-leveled platforms with the Emperor and the Empress on top, and the rest of the attendants, based on rank, on the lower levels. The dolls are historically known and believed to trap and capture evil spirits.

Here, we have Amy, dressed in an appropriately-colored kimono, holding a hina of none other than Sonic.

Download - [1920x1200]

You can alternatively find these wallpapers in the "Wallpapers" section or more directly in Sonic Channel.

The next "Who's That Character?" will be posted soon.

Images courtesy of SEGA, Sonic Team, and Sonic Channel.

February 17, 2014

"Who's That Character?" - February 2014

This one looks quite vague...

Which character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series is this?

The answer [and the wallpaper showing this character] will be revealed in a future post.

You can alternatively find these wallpapers of your favorite characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series in the "Wallpapers" section.

Image courtesy of SEGA, Sonic Team, and Sonic Channel.

February 13, 2014

Updates: February 2014

Halfway into the second month of February, clearly, things have already been moving very slowly - perhaps to a crawl.

Indeed, I will safely assume, a good number of us are already back in the campus or the classroom, including myself.

So far, I will define February as these...

Sonic Boom, with the word "reboot" seemingly written all over it, really got some heat among fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, especially the long-timers. After some fairly instant clarifications, Sonic Boom is not a reboot of the series, but simply a reimagining of the series - in other words, a separate canon - that is, interestingly, exclusive for the Western audiences. Given this, the heat seems to be gradually dissipating one week after SEGA's official announcement and further revelation of the cartoon and the Nintendo-exclusive video game.

For a reimagination that seeks to cater to the newer, younger audiences, I will say that Sonic Boom looks fairly promising.

Setting that aside, here, things are clearly at a standstill. Except for my ongoing blind playthrough on Sonic Lost World, do not expect me to post much. On the other hand, unfortunately, the blind playthrough is currently on hold. I hope I will be able to allocate enough time for myself to edit and post the remainder of the series as soon as possible.

Additionally, with the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia underway, unfortunately, contrary to perhaps a number of you might have anticipated, I will not be able to post any gameplay of Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games for the Nintendo Wii U. I have barely played two hours of the game; actually, I have not been playing anything as of late.

Lastly, I hope I will be able to re-post all of the soundtracks for Sonic Adventure soon. However, I cannot guarantee that I will post them all again by the end of this month. Nevertheless, look forward to them.

That is all for now.

Happy Valentine's Day.

I hope you all have a wonderful February.

February 6, 2014

Sonic Boom Officially Announced

This was the heat of today.

SEGA officially announced Sonic Boom - the game and the television series. The announcement came as a meteor threatening the long-standing series and its fans. It looked like a potential reboot of the series, which has been under plenty of scrutiny for the last several years.

So far, the [potential side] series' premise simply revolves around the main Sonic squad: Sonic, Tails, [a bulky] Knuckles, and Amy. Their nemesis is the one-and-only Dr. Eggman, who continues to threaten the fearsome foursome with his endless army of robots and mechanical creations.

While the television series, which SEGA of America will co-produce with OuiDO! Productions, aimed at children, is set for the last quarter of this year on Cartoon Network in the United States, the video game, which will be Nintendo-exclusive, will be planned to be released next year. The video game will acts as the prequel to the television series.

While all of this is a long time away, the burning question among us longtime fans is whether or not this will be a reboot. As one who, growing up, was once a fan of the original Spyro the Dragon series, though my interest for the series already dwindled at the time as I began to favor the Sonic the Hedgehog series, the series' reboot into the more dramatic The Legend of Spyro series and in turn, the surprisingly successful and fun Skylanders series were two, almost lethal shots to my childhood. With "reboot" written all over this one, it seems so far, until then, I, along with some of you varied longtime fans, will be on the receiving end of a larger gunshot.

By saying that, however, I do not intend to say that I will be moving on from the series from this point. Sonic Boom looks great, and I hope it will attract new, younger, up-and-coming fans to this series with its fun, full-of-attitude cast of characters - an aspect that, I believe, a significant number of the older, longtime fans truly recognize.

However, I found myself another burning question, and the question is one that suggests that a light at the end of the tunnel still exists.

Sonic Boom, the video game, is under the care of California-based Big Red Button Entertainment for the Wii U version and Sanzaru games for the Nintendo 3DS version. Sonic Team is only collaborating with the two developers.

Additionally, for a series such as Spyro the Dragon, the original developers simply dumped the series. For the original Spyro the Dragon's case, Insomniac Games dumped the feisty dragon out of lack of ideas and started Ratchet and Clank.

Here, Sonic Team is still in the picture. For Sonic Boom, Sonic Team is simply collaborating with the two developers on the game. Sonic Boom, as I mentioned, is a joint effort between SEGA of America and OuiDO! Productions for another approach of the series.

So, what happened to Sonic Team? What's next on their agenda?

They're the final arbiter of the series, so let's see how things play out in Japan as time passes.

Be on the lookout for what comes from Japan.

Click here for more official details from SEGA International.

Update: I've been hearing and reading plenty of words that the final arbiter from Japan, notably Iizuka, are considering this to be separate from the main series. Essentially, Sonic Team appears to relay that Sonic Boom is more or less of an alternate canon. Additionally, I've been hearing and reading that this is catered to the Western audiences and everyone outside of Japan, and Japan will not get any taste of it, or they will not get it anytime soon. As one who follows the series as it comes out of Japan than here in the United States, that is a relief on my part. Of course, nothing lasts forever, and things change over time. Let's still look out for what comes from Japan.