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February 13, 2014

Updates: February 2014

Halfway into the second month of February, clearly, things have already been moving very slowly - perhaps to a crawl.

Indeed, I will safely assume, a good number of us are already back in the campus or the classroom, including myself.

So far, I will define February as these...

Sonic Boom, with the word "reboot" seemingly written all over it, really got some heat among fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, especially the long-timers. After some fairly instant clarifications, Sonic Boom is not a reboot of the series, but simply a reimagining of the series - in other words, a separate canon - that is, interestingly, exclusive for the Western audiences. Given this, the heat seems to be gradually dissipating one week after SEGA's official announcement and further revelation of the cartoon and the Nintendo-exclusive video game.

For a reimagination that seeks to cater to the newer, younger audiences, I will say that Sonic Boom looks fairly promising.

Setting that aside, here, things are clearly at a standstill. Except for my ongoing blind playthrough on Sonic Lost World, do not expect me to post much. On the other hand, unfortunately, the blind playthrough is currently on hold. I hope I will be able to allocate enough time for myself to edit and post the remainder of the series as soon as possible.

Additionally, with the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia underway, unfortunately, contrary to perhaps a number of you might have anticipated, I will not be able to post any gameplay of Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games for the Nintendo Wii U. I have barely played two hours of the game; actually, I have not been playing anything as of late.

Lastly, I hope I will be able to re-post all of the soundtracks for Sonic Adventure soon. However, I cannot guarantee that I will post them all again by the end of this month. Nevertheless, look forward to them.

That is all for now.

Happy Valentine's Day.

I hope you all have a wonderful February.

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